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  DLamb Artist Image 1   I find I am drawn to photograph subjects and create images with strong graphical elements and apparent simplicity. Having done some work in the past with fractals and fractal image compression, I am also very interested in the sometimes less obvious mathematical relationships and geometries that have been found to explain the visual interest in the images around us.

Photography, like any form of art is about evoking feeling, inspiration, understanding and imagination in the viewer, but also in the photographer. I find photography to be a powerful way to feed an analytical quest for deeper understanding of what and how I see.

For me, photography is an exploration of the world around us and the quest to recognize the potential in the people and things that we often overlook. I believe that sharing what we find and exposing some of the potential that we discover with others is a primary role for a photographer. Through the process and pursuit to see and understand the world around us, I find the most valuable discoveries are those in which we discover something more about ourselves.

Dwayne Lamb

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